self service ai modelling

The VROC Enterprise Platform has been uniquely designed to include a Self Service AI modelling software, as opposed to other predictive maintenance providers which only allow you to used prescribed AI models or request be-spoke AI models to be created on your behalf. 

Discover all of our unique benefits below, and get in contact today to discover the VROC Difference for yourself.


SaaS solution

Our annual subscription cost allows unlimited users and prediction models to be generated by the existing client team, with NO hidden costs. The rapid deployment of our enterprise solution will enable you to predict what, where and why your equipment will fail, long before it does.

Data ownership

VROC liberates the value of the clients data whilst the client maintains complete control over the data itself, providing complete peace of mind on the data security and ownership.

automated Modelling

The VROC Enterprise platform empowers the existing client teams to build their own automated AI models, responding to business needs in a timely and cost effective manner.

Industry focused

The resources industry is at the core of VROC's own DNA, which is why we are focused on industrial big data from industrial assets.

Equipment agnostic

VROC understands that every business and operation is unique and therefore requires its own bespoke solution, which is why VROC has no set alliance with any equipment providers, ensuring a bias free, best-fit approach to your asset's ecosystem.

enterprise wide

VROC is focused on delivering value across our clients entire asset portfolio, scalable from individual asset to entire enterprise.