AI for Smarter Farming

As farms become connected with sensors, autonomous machines, drones and internet of things (IoT) devices, agriculturalists and aquaculturalists now have large volumes of complex data available to them. This data can be used to help farmers make critical decisions, confirm assumptions and generational know-how, and help predict future conditions for more accurate planning.  
Artificial intelligence can learn how a farm operates, digesting large amounts of disparate historical and live data such as yield variations including size, colour and defects, along with farm conditions including irrigation, weather factors, fertiliser, and soil conditions, and even data from farming machinery.

VROC’s no-code artificial intelligence platform can help the agriculture and aquaculture industries in the following ways;

  • Insights for optimal harvest and planting dates

  • Anticipate weather conditions providing a decision support tool

  • Detect the variance between blocks on a farm and key influencing factors

  • Correlate relationships between soil, irrigation, productivity and other variables

  • Early detection and monitoring of disease, pests, and weeds, with analytics for more accurate treatments

  • Alerts for predictive maintenance on critical farming machinery and infrastructure

  • Root cause analysis for accurate maintenance and the refinement of farming techniques

  • Monitor the condition of stored goods, with insights to improve shelf life

  • Insights on Co2 emission baselines, monitoring and reporting on improvements across the business

  • Monitor the behaviour livestock and predict welfare issues and mortality 

  • Real time monitoring of equipment, conditions, and processes

  • Assist with compensation modelling and forecasting

  • No-code advanced AI platform for use by agronomists and data scientists‚Äč

VROC is a digital agriculture decision support tool, providing data-led insights to assist in the optimization of yield and reduction of operating costs Are you a Agriculturalist, Agronomist or a consultant in the farming industry? Get in touch and lets chat about how you can get more value from your data.
                                                   Ai for agriculture

VROC's AI Platform allows agriculturalists to connect historical and live data across the whole farm, from soil condition, machinery, storage, yeild informtion, weather data, irrigation, plus imagery collected from dones and cctv.

This gives a hollistic view and analysis at a more granular level than ever before. Aritifical intelligence models are used to predict future conditions, giving the farmers insights for improved decision making. 

AI for agriculture decision making