Advanced analytics for smart Aquaculture

Obtaining valuable insights from its bigdata is an exciting opportunity for the Aquaculture industry.  Advanced Analytics is key to providing insights to help optimize operations, improve sustainability and reduce costs.  With improved efficiencies and reliability, the industry will be able to grow more rapidly and become a major contributor to global food security into the future.
Sea and land-based fish farms encounter a number of challenges, which artificial intelligence and autoML may be able provide insights for, including

  • Insights into sudden mass mortality for optimized slaughtering times

  • Early identification of diseases, such as sea lice, for early intervention and treatment

  • Reduced reliance on man-power in remote and dangerous locations

  • Predictive maintenance for critical infrastructure and equipment to avoid sudden failures and costly repairs

  • Continuous monitoring and predictive analytics on fish welfare and their environment to help optimize conditions

See 'The Role of Machine Learning in Sea Farming and Aquaculture'

How does it work?

VROC ingests all live and historical data on your fish farm operations into our cloud based AI platform. Your existing team of aquaculturalists, data scientists or operators can produce AI models using the VROC Model Wizard, without any coding or programming.  These models can be created to predict future outcomes, detect the root causes, forecast future values and alerts can be created when maintenance or intervention is required.
Next the VROC platform will quickly train the model and provide critical insights. Our AutoML feature will continue to update the model as new data is received from your operations, providing continuous future predictions meaning you are one step ahead at all times.


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fish farming with advanced analytics for optimized operations