Industrial Analytics transforms fleet maintenance

At VROC we understand that keeping your fleet afloat through accurate predictive maintenance is of utmost importance.  VROC helps mitigate off-hire periods through the reduction of unforeseen equipment failures, ensuring your vessels are reliable for chartering.

VROC's AI and machine learning technology powers the end to end maritime industry, assisting port operators improve efficiencies and reliability of key assets, improving the unloading and offloading times in this time-pressured industry.

Predictive Maintenance for Shipping

VROC combines real time data from your assets as well as historical data to give you live insights into the condition of your equipment, predicting failures up to 7 days out.  This valuable insight allows you to prioritise maintenance tasks whilst either shipboard or ashore, and ensures you have sufficient time to schedule repairs and equipment when you next dock. 
The benefits? Not only will you minimise fleet maintenance costs, by avoiding costly sudden failures, improve overall efficencies and the safety of your crew. You can improve the number of days your vessels are available for hire.

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Predictive Analytics for Port Operators

Busy sea ports cannot afford for critical assets, such as cranes to have unplanned downtime. VROC partners with Port Operators to ensure they improve the reliability and efficiencies of key equipment, keeping the supply chain moving.  VROC can identify issues, predicting failures before they happen allowing Ports time to plan maintenance around incoming vessels.
One such Port Operator not only benefited from new found reliability but also saved in maintenance costs, and a reduction in their spares inventory, as VROC not only assisted with predictability but also identified the true root cause of errors on their cranes. Read the full case study