AI Predictive Analytics is Mining's Best Resource

Today's mining industry is not new to technology, however when it comes to asset maintenance and optimization, many resource companies are missing out on significant cost saving opportunities and productivity improvements. In fact most miners use less than 1% of their data to generate insights.

VROC partners with mining companies to capitalize on existing IoT sensor data, applying artificial intelligence to predict failures before they happen, eliminating unnecessary maintenance activity and costly shutdowns.  In addition, VROC's AI platform helps optimize mining production, which is critical in todays fluctuating market. The result? Increased profits, sustainability and safety.

VROC's AI Analytics is helping the Mining and Resources sector to;

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FACT: Well managed shutdowns, turnarounds and outages can lead to 30% cost improvements. McKinsey

VROC Predicts Ventilation Fan failure

VROC successfully predicted a mining ventilation fan failure, allowing our client time to order parts and plan a shutdown to perform planned maintenance. Avoiding a unplanned shutdown and saving $700,000. 

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