AI for Smart Facilities

With lower profit margins and tight competition, bussinesses are turning towards technology to help optimize their facilities and maintain their infrastructure.  No matter if your facility is an office building, hospital, university campus, hotel or industrial facility - artificial intelligence can improve the management of your assets.

VROC's AI platform assists asset owners and businesses worldwide to achieve the following;

  • Improved equipment reliability through highly accurate AI predictive maintenance intelligence

  • Identified facility optimization opportunities, including reduced power usage and Co2 emissions

  • Improved equipment lifespan and reliability, including chillers, generators, air conditioning units and lifts

  • Reduced preventative maintenance costs and the need for large spare-parts inventory

  • Improved maintenance planning with accurate AI predictions on equipment time to failure and the root cause of problems

  • Improve operational efficiencies with centralized facility monitor and controls  

  • Improved comfort level, with automatic audjustments for lighting and heating based on live conditions, assists with personnel productivity

  • Track maintenance performanced with AI confirmation when maintenance carried out accurately

  • Integrated multi-facility dashboards and customizable reporting for all stakeholders 

With IoT sensors readily available and data volumes constantly growing, VROC's AI platform can monitor and learn end to end operations, and identify maintenance requirements and optimization opportunities to bring your facility into the 21st century. Our explainable AI can easily be used by on-the-ground management and maintenance teams.   Get in touch for a free demo today.

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Chemical Dosing Optimization CASE STUDY 

VROC's client was looking to reduce operating costs and improve efficicencies at their water treatment plant.  The VROC AI platform was used to provide real time optimum setpoints, reduce the reliance on manual jar testing and reduce chemical usage. This was achieved through efficient chemical dosing based on plant and water conditions. 

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Reduced operating costs and improved efficiencies at water treatment plant