The Challenge

The management of City and Council buildings takes up a considerable part of what is a limited budget.  By taking a wholistic view of building management it is possible to optimise resources and money spent on this line item. 

Currently building management systems (if they are in place) often co-exist alongside other systems such as HVAC, Air conditioning, Access Control Systems, Building Lighting.  City maintenance and security teams monitor multiple systems and then co-ordinate work as required, often wasting time going to various building sites unnecessarily. 

The Solution

By connecting these existing systems into an overarching Smart Cities digital management platform we can get a better picture of the building as a whole.The VROC Smart Cities digital platform can be used to do the following;

  • AI can predict failures before they happen, allowing for predictive maintenance. These predictions allow time for spare parts to be ordered and the scheduling of necessary maintenance before failures take place, such as lift or air conditioning failures. These failures have a significant impact on building users and expenses.

  • Machine learning learns how different parts of the building effect one another and can provide insights into how to optimise settings on equipment to optimise their performance and reliability. 

  • Buildings can become smarter, by identifying who is accessing the building at what times and adjusting lighting, heating and air conditioning to optimise power usage.

  • The technology can also take into consideration changes in the weather and automatically adjust temperature and lighting settings to ensure a comfortable working condition‚Äč

VROC Smart Building Solution

The Results

Improve the efficiency of your maintenance team, by connecting your disparate IoT and BMS systems. Cities can now remotely control and monitor multiple buildings from one centralised platform. Increase the sustainability of your cities infrastructure whilst benefiting the environment and reducing your bottom line.

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