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A missed opportunity: Trillions of data points from un-connected IoT systems are resulting in inefficient and unsustainable cities.

What if that data was connected into ONE platform, allowing you to control your city-wide operations and infrastructure. With the added layer of artificial intelligence and machine learning analytics you can now not only control, but you can inteligently optimise, predict and maintain your cities services. See use cases

Leading to Increased Sustainability, Efficiency and Livability

Smart Governments Build Smart Cities

In 2016, spending on smart city technology reached $80 billion and by 2021 is expected to grow to $135 billion. With 60% of the population expected to live in cities by 2050, making cities more sustainable and efficient is critical to enabling best quality of life.

Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, big data and artificial intelligence platforms are converging to connect components across cities to derive data and improve the lives of citizens and visitors.

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VROC Smart City
“The City of Bunbury is proud to be leading the way, both in WA and across the country, in its efforts to implement smart and innovative technology to make the City safer, more efficient and more sustainable.” The City of Bunbury Chief Executive Officer, Mal Osborne