A Source Of Valuable Information

Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution your hardware and infrastructure can now do so much more than just control the industrial processes they were built for - they can simultaneously provide you with large amounts of valuable data in real time.

However, it’s what you do with this information that will separate you from the competition. Using it retrospectively to assess your performance and make changes is no longer good enough. 

At VROC we can harness the data collected by your infrastructure to actively predict future failures, streamline your maintenance program and eliminate downtime.

Best of all, no interruptions to operations are required to implement our system. We can utilise data from sensors that are already installed and, if required to, work around your systems to install additional sensors to make sure you’re getting the data you need.

Every business knows unexpected equipment failure and process degradation cost time and money from productivity loss, reputational damage and human injury.

Our predictive maintenance technology can allow you to stop these problems before they occur. This allows you to avoid injuries and transform unplanned shutdowns into planned maintenance events.

Internet Of Things (IoT)