AI Predictive Analytics in Nigeria
26 March 2020

VROC is please to be able to provide AI Predictive Maintenance technology to businesses in Nigeria.

VROC is please to have commenced working with Habrams Energy in Nigeria, expanding into the region to provide Predictive Analytics and AI technology.

Nigeria is one of the largest and oldest oil producers in Africa, and its industry is one of the most important sectors in the country’s economy.

The age of the majority of the oil fields, along with repeat militant attacks, has put pressure on production and makes the reliability of plant assets increasingly critical.


Trevor Bloch, VROC CEO who visited Nigeria earlier this year said  “it is evident that the region is ready to adopt AI and Machine learning technology to assist with the implementation of predictive maintenance and to help optimize production. The VROC platform gives organizations insights that normally can only be obtained by Data Scientists, positions that are difficult to fill in locations such as Nigeria.”   

VROC looks forward to assisting companies in processing their industrial big data, un-leashing insights that are essential to optimising production, as well as on-going worker safety and the environment.
Image Courtesy: OilAndGasPeople


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