AI to control City of Bunbury emergency pumpstations
17 July 2019

Is the City of Bunbury - the most advanced city in Australia? AI is being used to operate the town's emergency pumpstations as they begin their move towards IoT and becoming a digitally enabled town.

The City of Bunbury is installing an advanced, artificially intelligent analytics platform to help manage Bunbury’s emergency pump stations and floodgates. The upgrades are the first step the town is taking to become a connected ‘Smart City’.

Would you trust a computer to stop Bunbury from flooding? According to the City of Bunbury and WA tech company, VROC - you should.

The City has commissioned VROC to begin major upgrades to 11 pump stations to allow the City to remotely manage operations through a variety of Internet of Thing (IoT) sensors and an advanced analytics platform. Council workers will also be provided with failure and error predictions thanks to the advanced machine learning algorithms on the new platform.

The platform, created by Perth based technology company, VROC AI, is already in use globally by large multinationals and utilizes advanced analytics methods including machine learning, to predict failures before they happen.

VROC CEO, Trevor Bloch, has said of the project, “We’re excited to be working with an innovative council like Bunbury, that believes in the power of our platform to create real benefits for their citizen safety, their sustainability and their bottom line.”

The predictive analytics platform will ensure the pump stations and floodgates alert systems remain fully operations and that maintenance can be carried out well in advance of any faults or failures occurring.


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