Introducing VROC 2.6
22 June 2020

The latest VROC product release takes Enterprise Predictive Analytics to the next level, giving you faster, more accurate, automated insights, so you can optimize your assets and prevent failures.

We are extremely proud to announce our platform 2.6 release.  Our development team have been busy working on our latest product release, which was achieved in 4 months, a record given the large range of features included.

So, what’s new?

Well if you ask our development team, you’ll be given a list that includes things like faster streaming refresh, config trees, UI improvements.  However, to avoid giving away precious IP and to explain things in layman’s terms, we’ll just explain what the benefits are to you, our customers:

How 2.6 benefits you?

  • Increased AI Modelling speeds – think billions of data points, years of data, hundreds of thousands of sensors, with results in minutes to hours.  That means you get answers to complex questions faster than ever before. This data can then be viewed from various perspectives, producing predictions and comparisons with current live data.
  • Asset, system or equipment health as a whole can be visualised, aggregated from multiple AI models. Once customers are alerted of issues they can drill down into the cause of the abnormality to a granular sensor level.  This high level is critical for managers and staff who are monitoring a plant remotely, and need at-a-glance updates and alerts. 
  • Automatic insights based on prior trained models, using live streamed data from our improved ingestion method. This has reduced any delay in data being reported and displayed. Meaning our predictions are real-time, and update in real-time as soon as the maintenance team make adjustments to the equipment.
  • Clients can now have full control over the sensitivity of each model prediction, allowing them to be alerted earlier for critical equipment, and to be more conservative for less critical equipment.  Because you know the intricacies of your system and its tolerable variations.
  • Increased mobile and cross browser support to assist you and your team, no matter where and how you are working.
  • Improved model wizard covering more standard use-cases and allowing more intuitive model creation by engineers and SMEs without any data science experience.

Where to next?

As a software development company, we have a robust roadmap for our product, and so the team are already busy working on 2.7 and 2.8 releases.  We are committed to strengthening our product, listening to your feedback and producing simple solutions to complicated problems.
If you are interested in a demo or commencing a proof of concept using VROC 2.6 please get in touch with our team.

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