VROC wins TAQA multiple asset contract in the North Sea
09 November 2020

TAQA has awarded an AI predictive maintenance contract to VROC for multiple assets

  • VROC has been awarded a contract to provide predictive maintenance to TAQA following a successful Proof of Concept (POC) trial.

  • The three oil and gas platforms, Tern, Cormorant Alpha and Harding, located in the North Sea will initially use the technology.

  • VROC’s AI predictive analytics software identified a number of proactive interventions during the product trial.

Following a successful proof of concept (POC) with VROC’s Artificial Intelligence platform, TAQA has awarded a contract to the technology company, for use of its AI predictive analytics software. Three platforms Tern, Cormorant Alpha and Harding will initially use the AI predictive analytics technology, with an option to add a fourth platform, North Cormorant once sensors and communications are installed.
The six-month POC project was spear-headed by TAQA’s reliability team based in Aberdeen UK, to harness technology to improve its late life oil and gas platform’s reliability and productivity. During the trial more than five proactive interventions were identified and predicted by VROC, providing the TAQA team with the insights to make informed businesses decisions.  
The VROC predictive analytics platform holistically monitors the health of assets, to predict impending equipment failures, reducing process degradation and providing rapid root cause analysis. The technology also allows industrial businesses to optimize their processes, improve the reliability of assets and production, whilst delivering OPEX savings to the business.

Cormorant Alpha Platform – Image courtesy TAQA

Cormorant Alpha Platform – Image courtesy TAQA

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