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You are ready to embark on a predictive AI program! Partnering with VROC will transform your asset maintenance, delivering real time actionable insights into the palm of your hand. The VROC platform is an easy to use subscription based cloud software, with easy to configure web based dashboards, enabling you to spend less time analysing data and more time acting on it.

Get ready for sustainable and reliable assets, less shutdowns and a safer workplace.

How the VROC platform works


VROC securely ingests historical plant and asset data.  We can connect to existing historian(s), CMMS and SCADA systems. VROC’s powerful platform easily handles billions of data points, ingesting in just a few days.

We start with at least 12 months of historical data, so our AI can learn how your plant operates.
A data centre is created for each client, with the following options depending on your IT security protocols and preferences;
  • VROC private data centre - cloud based centre
  • Client on-premise data centre
  • Client public cloud – such as AWS or Azure

Once the platform is set up we commence streaming data from live monitoring sensors, giving real-time insights into how the plant is operating.

2. TRAIN personnel

The VROC team will train you on how to use the software and create your predictive models, stepping you through the automated process, ensuring you are ready to wield the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

3. CREATE MODELSVROC Model Confidence Graph

You can now create AI models and our model wizard can help you through the simple process;
  • Select the type of monitoring you want, such as 'next failure'
  • Select the failure criteria
  • Hit ‘Train’
  • VROC builds a model from the available data

The VROC software will give you a prediction confidence based on data available used in your model.


Once you have set up your models you’ll start receiving alerts about potential failures and be able to see live insights into how your plant is operating. You can drill down to see the cause of potential failures.

The VROC platform provides you with actionable insights that allow you to schedule any maintenance required in advance.  Once maintenance is completed the dashboard will update, as the live sensors will reflect the change in conditions.


You can now continue to add models and find insights into your plant – from root cause analysis, process optimisation, equipment degradation and time-to-failure. Once you have started applying predictive analytics to one asset, you can continue to apply the technology to your entire enterprise. 


Assistance with IoT sensors and data configuration

VROC provides digital consultation services, assisting you with IoT integration, data strategy, data quality, storage and security solutions.  We understand that your business and its processes are unique and therefore requires an individual strategy for its digital transformation.  Our expert team can assist you in discovering the benefits of AI for your business, get in touch with our team today.

Assistance with AI modelling

VROC understands that the transition to AI predictive analytics is a significant change to how your business has historically operated. VROC will work with you closely ensuring that you benefit from the software and achieve radical ROI.

We provide on-going support to all clients and can provide additional consulting services if the problem you are trying to solve requires complex AI modelling and analysis from our data scientist team.

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