Industrial Maintenance Reimagined

Both reactive and scheduled maintenance regimes can be costly and inefficient - and failures can be devastating to the bottom line.

The world of industrial maintenance is ready to be transformed and VROC Predict is here to do just that.

We are turning predictive maintenance into a non-negotiable for every business serious about minimizing downtime, improving safety and delivering millions of dollars in operating cost savings. 

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User friendly interface  

The user friendly dashboard interface make its easy to create and customise dashboards, tailored exactly to your needs.

With a variety of display options and data inputs, VROC Predict gives you complete control over your own data - and the ability to turn it into actionable and understandable insights.

Your data, your insights

VROC Predict gives you the power to decide what data you want to work with.

With the ability to pull in historical data sets as well as live data streams the platform gives you full flexibility and control.


Side by side comparisons

Pull in data from multiple sources, to compare and analyse in greater detail.

VROC Predict also allows you the ability to isolate specific metrics for more granular analysis.

VROC Predict is a turnkey solution that uses machine learning to analyze live and historical data to return actionable insights, in real time.

With the ability to flag suboptimal operations and identify impending failures long before they occur, it's your secret weapon for generating radical ROI across your triple bottom line.

VROC Predict