Using Data To Deliver More Efficient Operations

VROC’s AI & Machine Learning technology allows you to minimise costs and predict & prevent failures before they occur, but that’s not all that it can achieve. 

Our fully automated Process Optimisation solution provides companies with a holistic view of the efficient operation of their assets.

Possessing a multi-functional, fully automated solution like this enables our customers to reduce the number of monitoring software packages and reliance on human level interaction, thus providing the following advantages:
  • Rapid identification of production bottlenecks and inefficiencies
  • Reduced operating cost such as software licenses, IT infrastructure & maintenance, equipment spares and manpower.
  • Reduced reliance on Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).
  • Increased prediction accuracy, integrity and reliability.
  • Optimised situational awareness through effective plant operational management.

Industry Process Optimization

To put it simply, our Process Optimisation solutions can be leveraged to provide valuable information that will allow your whole operation to function more efficiently.

Every business knows unexpected equipment failure and process degradation cost time and money from productivity loss, reputational damage and human injury.
Our predictive maintenance technology can allow you to stop these problems before they occur. This allows you to avoid injuries and transform unplanned shutdowns into planned maintenance events.
Process Optimization Solutions