The VROC platform is an end-to-end digital system that enables seamless and simple management of all your city services and solutions in one place.

With future-proof solutions that integrate with existing sensors and devices, along with the capability to install cutting edge IoT hardware, our system enables real-time monitoring, remote management, automation, predictive maintenance and process optimisation to allow you full control of your city services for better citizen, safety, productivity and environmental outcomes.

Take a look at our work with The City of Bunbury, in Western Australia.  VROC's Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Platform is remotely managing their Pump Stations, preventing these critical assets from failure by alerting The City when maintenance is required.  


Discover more about Smart Cities

What is a smart city?

A smart city uses IoT sensors and technology to connect components across a city to derive data and improve the lives of citizens and visitors.

What does a smart city do?

Oftentimes, a mobile app is provided to give immediate access to data, communication channels, and more so that people can do everything from avoiding traffic jams, to finding a parking spot, and reporting a pothole or an overflowing dumpster.

Why do smart cities matter? 

The world is becoming more urbanized, and by 2050, more than 60% of the world's population is expected to live in cities. Making these cities better places to live is essential to quality of life by making them more sustainable and efficient with streamlined services. They are happening right now, all over the world.

Where are smart cities happening?

Early adopters of smart city technology were European cities, but now they are happening all over the world as councils incorporate technology into municipal infrastructure.

Who is making smart cities happen?

Public and private companies, as well as federal, state, and local governments, are getting involved to make it easier for municipalities to adopt new technology. Private and public partnerships are becoming a smart way for cities to add technology.

Parking and Traffic Management

  • Traffic, congestion and incident visibility
  • Real-time traffic prediction & light planning
  • Parking visibility and optimisation

Waste Management

  • Use IoT sensors to identify bin capacities
  • Automate waste bin tracking & alerts
  • Smart routing of collection vehicles
  • Detect and prevent faults 

Pump Station Management

  • Predictive incidents and maintenance
  • Automated alerts and emergency systems
  • Remote operations capabilities
  • Recycle water consumption management

Water and Reticulation Control

  • Water quality and distribution monitoring
  • Predictive incidents and maintenance
  • Recycle water consumption management
  • Water wastage reduction

City Lighting 

  • Safety policies enforcement
  • Energy optimization
  • Continuous condition monitoring 
  • Automated and remotely controlled light systems

Starting a smart city project?

Are you starting a smart city project, or just commecing your digital transformation?  Get in touch with our team today, we'd love to chat to you about your journey and partner with you to see your city and community benefit from this end-to-end digital solution.