The Challenge

Cities and Councils are continuously looking for ways to make their communities more attractive and inviting for residents and visitors.  One way of doing this is through decorative lighting - the lighting up of key infrastructure (such as bridges and buildings), sculptures and city features. 

This investment in infrastructure needs to be done wisely, to avoid unnecessary power usage and on-going maintenance, and also should allow flexibility for Operations and Event Teams to take full advantage of it's capability.


The Solution

VROC's Smart City digital management platform allows Operations and Maintenance teams to monitor the condition of decorative lights and control them remotely.  Lights can be pre-set to particular settings to tie in with community events and activities, for example Australia Day or Christmas.

The systems artificial intelligence capability can also predict any upcoming issues with the lights, providing adequate time for maintenance to be planned and implemented avoiding any unplanned downtime. 

Decorative Lighting VROC Solution


Not only can you enhance the liveability of your city and community with a decorative lighting display, you can do it efficiently and effectively using the VROC Smart Cities digital management platform.   Control multiple locations all in one system, montior the lights remotely with the ability to change settings both now and in the future.  Connect your city infrastructure with community events to create greater cohesion.

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