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Digital Innovation for Council Sporting Facility

Major council sporting facility gets a digital transformation to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency.

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Using AI to predict Turbine Compressor failure

OPUS raises alarm for a Turbine Compressor's undesirable performance and predicted failure, identifying the root cause as an oil leakage issue.

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Predictive Maintenance Turbine Compressor

AI predictive maintenance on O&G Turbine Compressor detects flow deficiency and predicts time to failure. Operator avoids compressor trip

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AI predicts produced water filter clogging

OPUS accurately predicts filter clogging in Produce Water Treatment

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Onshore Wind Farm Efficiency

Advanced AI analytics study looks at how to improve onshore wind farm performance and efficiency.

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City Innovative Decorative Lighting Project

The City of Bunbury's smart city decorative lighting project lit up beautiful landmarks and enhanced city life, and optimised city resources.

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OPEX reduction in late life assets

A North Sea Oil and Gas Case Study on reducing OPEX.

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Reducing POB with real-time remote monitoring

AI helps manage personnel restrictions, with real-time asset health monitoring and predictions

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Energy Supply Forecasting with AI

VROC forecasts supply to improve management of the network

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Generator Optimization

AI Analytics reduces improves energy production and leads to reduced fuel costs for power plant

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Boiler Pump Degradation and Failure Avoidance

AI advanced analytics predicts failure and saves $150,000 USD

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LOPC Avoidance

VROC's study of the correlation between subsurface instability and sand production

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