Critical Insights for Oil and Gas Operations

"We have prolonged the gas compressor reliability to four months, from a maximum of 2 weeks running. The GCM uptime has improved with the value of 21.7m USD.”

Head of Offshore Operations

Transforming Oil and Gas with industrial AI

Insights 2000x faster

The average oil and gas platform has between 30k and 200k sensors, which accumulate well over 2TB of data per day. With industrial AI, Oil and Gas operators can leverage this data to obtain real-time critical insights for improved reliability, performance, and compliance.

OPUS is a no-code automated AI platform that enables existing teams of engineers and subject matter experts to model their assets and processes in minutes, providing continuous predictions and insights to optimize complex day-to-day operations.

Deployable in just weeks, OPUS can radically improve decision making, predicting when maintenance is required and improving production rates for Oil and Gas producers.

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Product Features

Why our customers choose VROC

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Rapid Deployment

Rapid remote deployment so you can start delivering business value within four weeks

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No-code AI

Model problem statements and target specific outcomes without coding or programming knowledge

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Proven Technology

Deployed globally with proven results in upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas

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Insights in Minutes

Automated AI process trains models and deploys them into production in minutes, giving you real-time predictions and insights

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Oil and Gas Use Cases

4 ways auto AI can benefit Oil & Gas

Predict failures in advance with 99% confidence so you can plan mitigation strategies, schedule qualified personnel and order long lead spares. With VROC OPUS you can improve your asset reliability and prevent sudden unplanned shutdowns. One customer reduced their production losses by 83%, through increased uptime and asset reliability.
VROC’s Automated AI can detect impending failures on newly commissioned assets without any history of failures, providing detailed root cause analysis and contributing factors for the predicted error.

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Optimize complex oil and gas processes, target specific outcomes such as asset life extension, increased output, reduced operating costs or compare identical processes to identify the causes of performances differences. VROC OPUS can detect correlations between seemingly un-connected processes, as it automatically learns from data across the whole plant or platform.

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Improve the efficiency of remote operations for un-manned oil and gas platforms and platforms with reduced personnel. VROC’s OPUS assists operators maintain production and increase platform reliability despite switching to remote working. Real-time performance monitoring, predictions for future events and risk matrix dashboards help remote teams prioritise workloads and assist with critical decision making.

Improve your asset’s environmental compliance, such as flaring, leakage and over-boarding with insights for improved asset reliability. Target power reduction or build a baseline of plant power usage and emissions and track the performance of your ESG targets with real-time performance monitoring, all through the one easy-to-use platform.

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AI Implementation

Time to value realisation

Client Setup

Client supply of historical data and set-up of real-time streaming

Week 1

Data ingestion and real-time data streaming connection

Week 2 & 3

Client training and model generation

Week 4

Models in production. Client starts delivering business value

Customer Reviews

Our client’s success is our success

“It took our Focus group 2 weeks to come up with the problem with the gas compressor and form an action plan. When we met with VROC, the VROC model gave all the problems that we needed to focus on in less than 10minutes. This helped the engineers pinpoint the problem.”

Manager Head Strategy & Performance Health Safety & Environment, Gas and New Energy

“We have prolonged the gas compressor reliability to four months, from a maximum of 2 weeks running. The GCM uptime has improved to a value of 21.7m USD.”

Head of Offshore Operations

“Let everyone use, don’t restrict to any process engineer or operation engineer, give everybody access including business planners, let everyone use it. Because the beauty of this is that it will open the eyes of the importance of Artificial Intelligence in Oil and Gas.”

Manager Head Strategy & Performance Health Safety & Environment, Gas and New Energy

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