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"AI does not replace “I”. intelligence is still required when dealing with anything to do with Ai, and what Ai does really well is provide good decision-making support for stakeholders to be able to make good decisions well ahead of time."

Arvind Chetty

Reducing OPEX with AI in Oil and Gas

Reducing OPEX is critical for Upstream, Midstream and Downstream oil and gas operators worldwide. Operators are seeking innovative ways to modernize maintenance strategies, reduce spares inventories, optimize and reduce personnel, and improve the reliability and life-span of critical assets. AI Predictive Analytics is a new approach to reducing OPEX in oil and gas, with artificial intelligence providing critical insights for improved asset integrity and optimised processes. Watch this virtual event and discover how you can start reducing your OPEX costs in just weeks.

Topic Covered:

  • Learn why OPEX reduction is more critical than before for the industry.
  • Explore OPEX management strategies, which include variable costs, time dependent costs and fixed costs
  • Learn how AI manages large complex data sets
  • Compare the specific modelling of a single asset to holistic modelling with the use of AI
  • Learn how to reduce OPEX through increased reliability, process optimization, and the flexibility to support remote personnel and smaller teams
  • Discover the life of an asset manager using AI
  • Learn from an overview of a North Sea case study which has late life offshore platforms and the outcomes

Who should Watch:

  • Maintenance Manager / Engineer
  • Reliability Manager / Engineer
  • Shutdown Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Asset Manager
  • Pre-Operations Managers
  • Late Life Asset Managers
  • Production Engineer
  • Plant Manager
  • Site Coordinator
  • Operations Manager and Director in Oil and Gas

Meet The Panellists


Arvind brings to the VROC team 4 decades of energy industry experience. With an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Arvind has held technical roles worldwide for companies including SCANA Corporation and Schlumberger, following which he switched focus to Business Development. Arvind is actively involved in the oil and gas community, mentoring graduates and students along with being the previous Vice-Chairman of Subsea Energy Australia and a committee member of the SPE-WA. Arvind is passionate about solving client process and reliability problems using VROC’s innovative AI technology.

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