Discover a process historian that's fast, secure and reliable.

Incomplete data is as worthless as no data. Most traditional data historians don't capture sufficient data for advanced analytics.
- Trevor Bloch

A next generation enterprise historian

A process historian that’s built for analytics

The vast amount of time-series data being produced by industrial processes has surpassed the capability of traditional data historian software. Scalability, reliability, and integrity constraints leave many businesses without a reliable source of data, limiting the ability to apply analytics and gain critical insights.

Discover the DataHUB4.0 difference:

  • Data is easily ingested directly from PLCs, DCS, ERPs, CMMS, APM, DCS, ICSS, SCADA and other systems
  • Built for structured, semi-structured and unstructured data
  • Inbuilt data exploration and visualisation tools
  • No complex costly hardware infrastructure
  • Unlimited users
  • Real-time condition monitoring and alerts for improved asset management
  • Customisable dashboards and drag and drop functionality
  • Distributed data storage for speed, reliability and scalability

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Enterprise Historian Features

Why our customers choose DataHUB4.0

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Scalable Storage

Modern microservices data storage for enterprise scalability and real-time data reliability.

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VROC has no set alliance with any equipment or sensor provider and is focused on interoperability, even with legacy systems, to help you achieve your business objectives.

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Data Ownership

Retain complete ownership and control of your data with flexible hosting solutions available.

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Data Integrity

VROC automatically verifies your data quality, alerting you if there is a problem.

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Minimising the cost of process historians

No excuse for incomplete data

Data storage costs have reduced significantly over the last few years; however many data historians software companies rely on complex infrastructures, charge individual user license fees and charge for the volume of data being collected and stored. This increases the overall cost and forces some businesses to reduce the volume of data that they collect and store, for example some companies only collect data from a failure, rather than their steady state data.

Businesses that are planning on using machine learning or artificial intelligence need to collect and store all operational data.  Without quality data AI cannot provide accurate valuable insights.

VROC has heard the cries of data engineers and IT managers and designed an enterprise historian for industrial big data, DataHUB4.0. Now you can securely store all your historical and live data in one location, reducing your data storage costs; and your team can readily apply analytics and AI to gain critical insights to improve your operations.

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