The Challenge

Many cities in 2020 dedicate resources to manually drive around its public parks and sporting grounds, to physically turn on and off irrigation systems. Some newer facilities are equipped with automatic on/off devices, however these still lack the ability to be intelligently set based on local weather conditions.

The result, inefficient operations and irresponsible water wastage.

The Solution

VROC OASIS connects to irrigation IoT sensors to detect soil moisture readings, as well as weather forecasts to automatically adjust watering setting for each location.

The platform will also monitor the performance of the irrigation systems and predict faults before they happen. This predictive maintenance function allows cities to plan for necessary maintenance, giving sufficient time to order equipment and schedule personnel to conduct repairs ahead of any failures.

The Results

VROC’s Smart City Digital Management Platform gives cities centralised control of all their public parks and sporting grounds. Resulting in cost savings from operational efficiency and water usage efficiency.

The environment is a big winner, as cities become more environmentally responsible and sustainable.

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