profits powered by industrial AI

Predict failures before they happen, optimise processes, reduce unplanned downtime and maximize your profits - all through the power of artificial intelligence.

profits powered by industrial AI
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Transform your asset management 

optimize your bottom Line 

Our predictive maintenance software is your window into the future - we can predict what, when and why your equipment will fail, long before it does. Once we've found your maintenance sweet spot, our process optimisation software can then help you find the most efficient operating settings to reduce material and power costs.

Scalable from an individual asset to an entire enterprise, our platform lets you spend less time analysing data and more time acting on it.

The result? Sustainable and reliable assets, less shutdowns and safer workplaces thanks to better incident management.

VROC is your triple bottom line powerhouse, increasing profits, sustainability and safety.

Taking digital transformation to the next level with artificial intelligence and machine learning, VROC is focused on one thing - radical ROI for every single one of our clients. Get in touch today for a demo and to find out how we can help you turn your data into dollars.

The VROC advantage

Our mission is to develop cutting edge technology that gives our clients control over their own data and access to actionable insights that will allow them to make efficient and effective decisions.
Our platform allows you to find the nexus between preventative and reactive maintenance. Our root cause analysis, predictive maintenance and process optimisation tools, put the power back in your hands, aided by the the automated smarts of our artificially intelligent platform.

The results are impressive and speak for themselves: 


  • 175m saved

    MILLION saved in 4 months (on a single plant)

  • 50x faster

    of maintenance costs saved thanks to accurate predictions

  • 2000x times

    times faster than traditional data processing methods