See into the future

Predict failures before they happen, reduce unplanned downtime and maximize your triple bottom line - with the power of AI.

See into the future
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Who are vroc?

With VROC you can predict failures before they happen. Our predictive analytics software can identify what will fail, when it will fail and the cause of the impending failure. This means you can spend less time analysing data and more time acting on it. You’ll be able to reduce unscheduled breakdowns, saving your business money by reducing unplanned shutdowns.
Once you've optimised your maintenance, VROC can then help you increase the efficiency of your plant by finding the most efficient operating settings and reducing input materials and power costs.


At VROC our mission is to give our customers control over their data and empower them to discover insights that will allow them to make more effective decisions.
Unexpected equipment failure and process degradation cost time and money from productivity lost to reputational damage and human injury.  Our solution provides quick and easy predictions for when and why machinery breakdowns or process upsets may occur, all before they happen.
We extract the maximum possible value from your data allowing you to make better decisions in real time, saving you time and money.