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The first step in our end-to-end solution, is the establishment and integration with the data source.

If you are in the need of systems integration, instrumentation or sensor installation our DataEPIC services can assist. We can engineer a solution that is fit for purpose, to meet your current and future data needs. Our team integrates with most industrial hardware and software platforms and vendors, ensuring you get the best solution possible.

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The second step in our end-to-end solution is the reliable and scalable storage of the exponential volume of industrial big data.

DataHUB4.0 is a scalable enterprise process historian built for real-time industrial big data. DataHUB4.0 automatically checks the integrity of your data as it is ingested, alerting you if there are any issues compromising the quality of your data. DataHUB4.0 pre-processes your data as it is ingested, including out-of-order, linear, non-linear and time-series data, this means your team of data and non-data specialists can quickly analyse live and historical data, create custom dashboards, reports and alerts, accessing insights without spending time wrangling data.

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Once you have got your entire plants data reliably stored and accessible, the next step is to use it to predict the future.

OPUS allows non-data specialists (engineers, asset managers and subject matter experts) to generate future insights with no-code AI into the performance, reliability and sustainability of both equipment and processes. With OPUS existing teams can predict future outcomes, such as equipment failure, and plan interventions to prevent or minimise outages and disruptions. Optimization KPIs can be easily modelled, providing critical insights to assist businesses to reduce future carbon emissions, energy consumption or flaring.

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The fourth step in your data utilization, is remote operations with OASIS.

OASIS provides real-time monitoring and remote operations for facilities and cities. Connect disparate systems and infrastructure to one platform to improve your control, and increase efficiency and visibility across the enterprise. Automate processes with advanced control features for smart operations. Built for hospitals, campuses, airports, industrial facilities, commercial buildings, cities and councils, OASIS is your digital hub for remote operations.

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“We have prolonged the gas compressor reliability to four months, from a maximum of 2 weeks running. The GCM uptime has improved to a value of 21.7m USD.”

Head of Offshore Operations

“Through IoT sensors it alerts maintenance teams in advance of any incidents, preventing failures and extending the life of the asset… maximising the efficiency of our asset maintenance processes and teams.”

City of Bunbury CEO

“Let everyone use, don’t restrict to any process engineer or operation engineer, give everybody access including business planners, let everyone use it. Because the beauty of this is that it will open the eyes of the importance of Artificial Intelligence in Oil and Gas.”

Manager Head Strategy & Performance Health Safety & Environment, Gas and New Energy
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