Increase the value of your facility

‘Especially in large sites, such as industrial zones, office parks, shopping malls, airports or seaports, IoT can help reduce the cost of energy, spatial management and building maintenance by up to 30 percent.’


Digital Transformation for Smart Facilities

Improve operational control and reduce OPEX

VROC allows you to apply advanced analytics to your facilities real-time and historical data for remote operational monitoring and control. Predict future equipment degradation so you can implement predictive maintenance and move on from costly preventative maintenance regimes.

Reduce your facilities power consumption through the calculation of your energy baseline, identification of significant energy usage activities and performance opportunities.

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Product Features

Why our customers choose VROC

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Built to integrate with legacy systems and equipment agnostic so you can easily obtain insights from your data

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Accurate Predictions

With model confidence and accuracy averaging 99%, users have confidence to make informed decisions

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Anytime, Anywhere

Optimize your team with anywhere, anytime access to real time monitoring and predictions

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Reduce OPEX

Reduce your facilities operating and maintenance budgets without CAPEX spend

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Smart Facility Use Cases

Transformation across facilities

Optimize the asset management of critical hospital infrastructure, equipment, and buildings. Preventative maintenance regimes are costly and not reliable, as 82% of assets have a random failure pattern (Arcweb). With Auto AI, hospitals can predict future degradation and plan interventions to maintain uptime and the continuation of essential services, whilst reducing OPEX.

Improve the efficiency of facility management with an integrated multi-facility dashboard and customizable reports. Manage your KPIs to prioritise outcomes such as comfort levels, reduced power consumption, reduced emissions, optimized asset lifespan and reliability. Reduce operational costs and improve the efficiency of teams with predictive maintenance alerts.

Building owners and asset managers can benefit from a single centralised system to remotely manage and optimize their assets. Balance complex KPIs such as the reduction of operational and maintenance budgets, sustainability and lifespan of equipment and the positioning of the asset to attract tenancies and grow revenue.

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AI Implementation

Time to value realisation

Client Setup

Client supply of historical data and set-up of real-time streaming

Week 1

VROC Data ingestion and real-time data streaming connection

Week 2 & 3

Client training and model generation

Week 4

Models in Production. Client starts delivering business value


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