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Webinar: AI for the New Energy Industry

Explore how artificial intelligence can be used as a predictive tool not only for maintenance but also to forecast demand, manage ESG KPIs and optimize complex processes within the new Energy Industry. 

26th April 2022 3 Min
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Reducing OPEX with AI in Oil and Gas

Learn how AI can assist Oil and Gas operators to reduce their operation expenses (OPEX).

25th August 2021 2 Min
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Watch: Accelerating Industrial Data Science

Discover what are the challenges experienced in scaling data science and the emerging opportunities for growth within industrial settings.

18th May 2021 3 Min
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Pt2 Unlocking benefits of AI PdM in Oil and Gas

Explore how we can integrate AI Predictive Maintenance into customer operations seamlessly in this second part of the two-part webinar series hosted by Wipro.

18th January 2021 3 Min
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Pt1 Unlocking benefits of AI Predictive Maintenance in Oil and Gas

Discover the practical business case for AI Predictive Maintenance in Oil and Gas through this first part of the two-part webinar series hosted by Wipro.

18th December 2020 4 Min
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Webinar: Renewable Strategies from energy industry incumbents

Learn how the panels discuss strategies to assist energy industry incumbents as they transition into renewable energy businesses.

30th October 2020 3 Min
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Interview: Leading the way. Innovation with PETRONAS

Learn how to innovate at scale and with pace through their unique collaborative approach with the Head of Innovation at PETRONAS, Fadhlan Aziz.

19th August 2020 3 Min
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Industry 4.0 in the post covid world

Learn what industry experts say on the impact COVID-19 has had on Industry 4.0 and how we can continue to drive change and innovation

9th July 2020 3 Min
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Getting started on your digital journey

Learn how to get started commencing Ai Predictive Maintenance and where to focus your efforts to achieve maximum ROI.

1th June 2020 3 Min
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AI Predictive Maintenance to Empower Remote Operations

Explore how the VROC platform can work with industrial assets to provide predictive maintenance.

11th May 2020 2 Min
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