Data Scientists should focus on the right problems

'The 20% of problems which are hard to solve but have really big returns, that’s probably where data scientists need to be focusing their effort because trying to scale machine learning models across thousands of thousands of failure modes in a plant is probably not practical in the traditional approach to data science.'

- Denis Marshment

Data Science Week Event

VROC was pleased to host Accelerating Industrial Data Science, an industry event as part of Data Science Week 2021. The event focused on the challenges experienced in scaling data science and the emerging opportunities of growth in this area. We invite you to re-watch this event, which provides a robust update on where industrial data science solutions are headed and how we can accelerate growth to ensure industry experiences real value from data analytics, data science and auto-machine learning.

Topic Covered:

  • Definition of data science, what does a data scientist does and an emerging opportunity to automate this process.
  • Overview of the current and future market of worldwide AI software forecast from 2020 to 2024.
  • Overview of how global industries are using data science from the perspective of Denis Marshment
  • Discover the current position on the curve given the huge amount of hype for data science.
  • What are the possible returns of investment in data science and how we can scale this?
  • Investigate data science being part of that design process from concept all the way through to commissioning, then handing over to operations in all the new upcoming projects.
  • How the availability of no-code AI and autoML has influenced the approach of customers in terms of them solving their problems
  • Summary of Denis’s views on what’s happening in the industry, where does he think we’re going and what should we be prepared for.

Who should Watch:

  • Reliability and Process Engineers
  • Asset Managers and Operators
  • Energy Industry leaders and managers

Meet The Speakers:

Global Vice President - Data Science Customer Solutions, Worley (former)

Denis Marshment

Denis Marshment is the former global vice president of data science customer solutions at Worley. His specialities include but are not limited to, Asset Management consulting, strategy development, performance improvement and reliability solution implementation.

Lead Data Scientist, VROC


Sia is a Mechanical Engineer with over 10 years of experience in oil and gas downstream equipment design. He is an expert Data Analyst/Scientist with extensive experience in asset health and integrity data analytics, risk/failure mode analysis and prediction, production/operation optimisations, process automation, consumer behaviour and market studies in both academic and industrial environments.

Director Business Development & Partnerships, VROC

Arvind Chetty

Arvind brings to table 4 decades of energy industry experience. With an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Arvind has held technical roles worldwide for companies including SCANA Corporation and Schlumberger, following which he switched focus to Business Development.

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