Increase reliability within a complex grid

The stable supply and management of the grid has become more complex with renewable generation sources and a commitment to reduce emissions without rising costs.

Digital transformation for generation, transmission, and distribution

How AI can help power & utilities

Utilities operators and energy generators are faced with the challenge to manage grid reliability, increase adoption of clean energy, and minimize costs.

Demand and flexible load responses are helping to manage energy efficiency and when real-time and historical data is interconnected and AI technology is applied, the industry can be further optimized with the critical insights and predictions to optimize the grid both now and into the future.

For cost minimisation, operators and generators needs to address downtime, which Continuity Central report on average accounts for 32hrs a month, at a cost of $220,000 per hour. VROC OPUS can drastically improve asset reliability with AI predictive maintenance, allowing for maintenance to be planned, spares to be ordered and work implemented accurately first time, minimising disruptions to the network and reduce rising costs.

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Product Features

Why our customers choose VROC

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Enterprise Analytics

Real-time data is collected across the entire enterprise for an integrated approach to advanced analytics and insights

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Data Storage and Security

Distributed data storage and security helps operators and owners implement analytics enterprise wide

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Predictive Maintenance

Predict asset deviation in advance so you can plan interventions and maintenance

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Rapid AI Modelling

Produce Ai models in minutes without coding or programming

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Power & Gas Use Cases

Benefits to the Power & Gas sector

Insights acquired from advanced analytics can assist operators with energy management optimization, planning, monitoring, and reporting requirements, helping them meet their carbon reduction and sustainability goals.

Use AI to forecast your energy production hours and days in advance across your diversified network. AI models can factor in variables including real-time asset condition, weather volatility and historical data. Get alerts if production forecast falls beneath thresholds.

Smart grid control can be optimized through the real-time connection to all system components. Automated data collection, storage, processing and AI analytics can give grid operators greater insights into the current and future states to improve business decisions.

Reduce rising costs caused by asset failures and unplanned downtime with predictive maintenance insights. Early intervention and planned maintenance based on AI predictions can lead to significant operational cost savings, for some VROC customers, millions of dollars have been saved.

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AI Implementation

Time to value realisation

Client Setup

Client supply of historical data and set-up of real-time streaming

Week 1

Data ingestion and real-time data streaming connection

Week 2 & 3

Client training and model generation

Week 4

Models in production. Client starts delivering business value


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