Innovate faster with an IoT platform

Smart city IoT solutions executed in isolation is one step forward, but what if there was a way to integrate these initiatives, accelerating city sustainability, improving planning and government efficiencies.

Smart City IoT platform for Cities and Councils

An IoT platform for smart sustainable cities

Accelerate your city sustainability and innovation agenda by consolidating existing disparate IoT devices, infrastructure, systems and smart city applications into one centralised IoT Platform. With VROC you can monitor, control and analyse an unlimited number of systems from one centralised platform, and then apply no-code AI for advanced insights.

VROC supports your council's innovation agenda, with our Smart City IoT Platform you can;

  • Optimize energy consumption
  • Optimize waste management
  • Optimize asset management
  • Improve sustainability, ESG reporting and reduce emissions

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Diagram on how to Build a smart city. By VROC
Smart City Software Features

Why local governments choose VROC

Interoperability icon


Built to integrate with legacy systems and equipment agnostic

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No hardware required

Connect existing systems and sensors, most customers don’t need to install new sensors

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Data Ownership & Security

Retain complete data ownership and meet security regulations

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Anywhere, Anytime

Real time, anywhere monitoring of your connected infrastructure and analytics

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Smart City IoT Platform Use Cases:

One IoT platform, multiple benefits

City and Council asset management and operations teams can connect a wide range of assets into OASIS to improve their efficiencies. Real-time alerts, monitoring, and automations plus future predictions with VROC’s OPUS AI platform, assists teams to plan maintenance more accurately, saving costs as they move from reactive and preventative maintenance to predictive maintenance.

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By connecting all city equipment and infrastructure into OASIS, Sustainability Officers are able to calculate energy baselines, identify areas of significant use and performance opportunities with insights to make operational improvements. By using historical and real time data, cities can access continuous advanced analytics to improve energy efficacy with continuous improvement.

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Building management systems often co-exist alongside other systems such as HVAC, air conditioning, access control, building lighting, etc. City operations and maintenance teams often monitor multiple systems and then co-ordinate work, frequently wasting time visiting buildings unnecessarily. By connecting these existing systems into OASIS, teams can get a better picture of the building, and insights to help improve maintenance planning and reduce running costs.

Smart street and decorative lighting projects are an excellent way of making a city more attractive for visitors and improving safety. By connecting existing lighting IoT sensors across a city, operations and events teams can have unparalleled access and control to monitor their lighting networks and schedule lighting sequences to tie in with city events.

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Smart City Platform Implementation

Time to value realisation

Client Setup

Client supply of historical data and set-up of real-time streaming

Week 1

VROC data ingestion and real-time data streaming connection

Week 2 & 3

Client training, data visualisation and dashboard creation

Week 4

Real-time monitoring, alerts and data insights. Client starts delivering business value


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