Businesses want to scale data science

“If you want to be relevant to your organisation as a data scientist, you need to show results…the best way to do that is to scale quickly, lots and lots of wins, which will give you the breathing space to go focus on the problems that are really hard.”

Denis Marshment, previous Global Vice President - Data Science Customer Solutions, Worley

A scalable approach to data science

Focusing on the most complex problems, whilst delivering results

You enjoy the challenge, the art of the building complex algorithms and calculations to solve complex problems. The challenge is that businesses who have invested in data science personnel and teams expect to see results, and fast. Therein lies the conundrum.

What if there was a way to automate the model development and deployment of 80% of problems, such as the thousands of failure modes across a plant, so that you could deliver rapid results? All whilst freeing you up to focus on the complex problems, that put your skills to the test?

VROC designed OPUS to help scale the data science effort required for 80% of an industrial operations problem, with our automated end-to-end Ai pipeline OPUS.

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A Day In the Life of a Data Scientist

How it works

data security icon

DataHUB4.0 ingests & processes data

Data ingestions and pre-processing of structured and unstructured, time-series data

VROC Predict Icon

Continuous insights and predictions

VROC platform displays current performance and future predictions based on targeting

Data scientist icon

Data Scientist builds AI Models

Build and train AI models to target specific outcomes, enter straight into production once happy

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Models maintained by the VROC Platform

AI models are automatically refreshed and maintained as new data received. If model retuning is required, the creator is notified.

Automating complex processes

We’ve done the data wrangling for you

Instead of spending enormous amounts of time wrangling and manipulating data, and then struggling to productionize models, our inbuilt AutoML and MLOps features, automates the end-to-end AI pipeline. Our scalable pipeline allows data scientists to easily enter large-scale models into production, freeing them up to focus their time on highly complex business challenges and tailored solutions using our inbuilt advanced analytics features, to deliver the greatest business value.

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End-to-end auto AI pipeline

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