AI helps you to meet KPI and gain greater ROI

"The beauty about using this sort of AI is that you can ingest the data and compare things that are very different using standard KPIs and metrics, and identify where the most improvement can be made."
- Trevor Bloch, VROC Group CEO

Low Cost, Low Code Enterprise AI for Predictive Maintenance and Optimisation in the New Energy Industry

VROC showcases its low cost, low code solution, for a holistic approach that can be used throughout the entire enterprise for improved decision making and exponential business value creation. 

Topic Covered:

  • Explore a diversified new energy industry and how AI can fits in with data becoming the common connection of the grids 
  • Discover how to produce critical insights for smarter operations with the no-code, low-cost AI solutions 
  • Discuss how no-code AI can help to predict the future outcomes in any industrial plant with continuous site-wide AI analytics and generate continuous insights based on client priority. 
  • Drill down into predictions case study – pump mechanical seal failure 
  • Review of clients’ cases with different focus topics (onshore wind farm power production analysis, gas compressor real-time predictive analytics, energy supply forecasting, proposal for enterprise ESG and asset optimization) 

Who should Watch:

  • Reliability and Process Engineers  
  • Asset Managers and Operators  
  • Energy Industry leaders and managers  

Meet The Panellists

CEO and Founder, VROC


Trevor Bloch is able to combine his extensive experience working in traditional consulting engineering and tech start-ups to provide the company with the vision it needs to succeed in this new field of industrial information technology. Skilled in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Big Data, Distributed Processing, Industrial Process Control, and Control Systems Engineering. A determined leader, Trevor is always looking for ways in which VROC can push the envelope and deliver their clients results that far exceed their expectations.

Director - Business Development & Partnerships


Arvind brings to the VROC team 4 decades of energy industry experience. With an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Arvind has held technical roles worldwide for companies including SCANA Corporation and Schlumberger, following which he switched focus to Business Development. Arvind is actively involved in the oil and gas community, mentoring graduates and students along with being the previous Vice-Chairman of Subsea Energy Australia and a committee member of the SPE-WA. Arvind is passionate about solving client process and reliability problems using VROC’s innovative AI technology.

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