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Maintenance Superintendent

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Meeting performance objectives is the number one priority of Asset Managers and Production Managers. Getting real-time visibility of the many complex processes and pieces of equipment is essential, overlaying this with predictive analysis for asset reliability predictions and forecasting of production levels is a game changer!

Imagine not just knowing how your asset is performing right now, but also having a picture of what is just around the corner, so you can adjust settings, pull back other processes further down the line, preventing wastage, flaring or excess power consumption.

Set-up dashboards exactly as you like them, with an overview of your entire operations status. You, along with reliability engineers, process engineers or analysts can build no-code AI models for each of your key metrics so you can add predictions into your dashboard, plus set up alerts for push notifications.

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A Day In the Life of an Asset Manager

How it works

Asset Manager

Asset Manager or Engineer builds AI Models

Uses Model Wizard to build no-code AI model

Engineer icon

Act on insights and alerts

Asset Manager, Engineer or Operations Team monitors dashboards and receives alerts for deviations. Acting on insights and planning interventions.

automation icon

Models maintained by the VROC Platform

Model automatically refreshed and maintained as new data is received.

VROC Predict Icon

Continuous insights and predictions

VROC platform displays current performance and future predictions

Insights that matter

Model a piece of equipment, entire process or operation

With OPUS you can easily produce AI models that match your objectives, you have the flexibility to model just one piece of equipment, a process or entire plant or facility. Discover when the next failure or undesirable event is likely to occur with your equipment or process or uncover optimization opportunities. Receive alerts on predicted failures or changes in asset behaviour, allowing you to investigate, plan and prioritise maintenance.

With OPUS, asset managers can get critical insights to optimize operations and meet targets.

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