The North Sea Oil and Gas operators have been greatly impacted over the last few years by ageing assets, fluctuating oil prices, the pressure to remain competitive all whilst returning profits for shareholders. These conditions have put pressure on the platforms to increase production, often at the risk of safety and the environment.

VROC has been working with operators in the North Sea for the last 9 months, providing the necessary AI technology to enable safer working conditions alongside production increases.

Business Development Manager, Jonathan Cowie, from the Aberdeen office said “The UK region is waking up to the power that lies in big data and more important the need for AI to handle this huge volume of data. Traditional data analytics involving tackling one problem at a time are not giving clients what they really need. This is where VROC AI has been welcomed by the region as a company that can give a client a complete holistic view of their asset tackling thousands of problems in real time and giving accurate feedback through predictive analytics in the areas of predictive maintenance, root cause analysis and process optimisation.”

AI Predictive maintenance is helping North Sea Oil and Gas operators to maintain their ageing assets, often at a higher production level than ever before, with less un-planned shutdowns. AI modeling is helping to predict errors before they happen, identifying true root causes.

This transformation to what is traditionally a conservative industry, has come about by a commitment to innovate and truly embrace digital technology. Companies that harness their own data, turn it into a competitive edge. It enables them to make informed business decisions, ensuring they are able to ride out the changes in economic and environmental conditions.

VROC is excited to commence 2020 working with 6 assets in the North Sea, with more expected to come on board in the near future. We are committed to seeing true digital transformation take place, benefiting both people, the environment and the bottom line.

Interested in learning more about VROC’s offering for Oil and Gas? Get in touch with our team today.

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