ESG enterprise capability

Through the integration of real-time operational and financial data across multiple facilities, AI can provide the missing link in ESG reporting.

ESG transparency and accountability

ESG prioritization is critical for business growth

Attracting ongoing business investment is critical, which is why industry is switching to prioritise reducing its environmental impact. At VROC, our platform is built to ingest data from across your entire operations network, and can be combined with financial and economic data to provide detailed information and AI insights which not only are useful for ESG reporting, but they can also help shape your on-going strategy and continual improvement initiatives to reduce emissions.

Without a robust data and automated AI tool, manual ESG reporting is tedious and can lack accuracy, meaning your business might miss out on investment opportunities.

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Product Features

Why our customers choose VROC

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Enterprise holistic approach

Analyse your entire operational network, not just individual pieces of equipment

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Realised Savings

The VROC platform has generated over USD200 Million in savings to date for our customers

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Unique Technology

Our automated self-service AI technology is built for rapid deployment without CAPEX investment

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VROC has no set alliance with any vendors and is focused on interoperability, even with legacy systems, to help you achieve your business objectives.

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Advanced Analytics

Analytics for improved sustainability

VROC supports your environmental objectives with detailed data insights.

  • Calculate current energy baselines and continuously analyse energy efficiency and usage
  • Identify areas of significant energy usage
  • Identify energy performance opportunities
  • Provide insights and predictions for effective maintenance and operational improvements
  • Track emissions, flaring rates, energy and water usage
  • Report on overall ESG metrics

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