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OASIS empowers smart facilities and smart cities by providing an innovative IoT platform that enables seamless remote monitoring, control, and automation of diverse assets and systems.  Jump over to our wide range of customer case studies where you can see OASIS in action.  

Customer Reviews

Our client's success is our success

“Through IoT sensors it alerts maintenance teams in advance of any incidents, preventing failures and extending the life of the asset… maximising the efficiency of our asset maintenance processes and teams.”

City of Bunbury CEO

“The awarding of this contract to VROC will allow the City of Bunbury to have unprecedented control over its decorative lighting…This adds to the previous project allowing the City to control a number of different elements from the one control platform and will help light up our beautiful landmarks around the CBD.”

City of Bunbury Mayor
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AI to control City of Bunbury emergency pumpstations

Is the City of Bunbury - the most advanced city in Australia? AI is being used to operate the town's emergency pumpstations as they begin their move towards IoT and becoming a digitally enabled town.

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