Remote monitoring and optimization

For remote, dangerous sites that needs continuous monitoring, a digital twin of an operation can provide a customer with real time access to critical information, saving costly site visits.

Increase collaboration and Improve business decisions

By connecting a digital twin visualisation with real-time and historical data, AI analytics and other data systems, operators have all the information they need at the tip of their fingertips. Increase collaboration between teams, and efficiencies of remote teams through a reliable digital twin which accurately depicts the live environment. Enhancing this with advanced analytics will lead to better decision making and continuity of services, as reliability issues can be mitigated in advance based on the AI’s predictions.

VROC collaborates with a number of digital twin vendors, overlaying data and analytics to mirror your asset’s reliability, availability and performance.

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Product Features

Why our customers choose VROC

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Sensor and equipment agnostic for ease of adoption across business units and sites

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No-code modelling

No programming or coding experience necessary to rapidly produce Ai models of problem statements

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Accurate Predictions

Model confidence levels average 99.9% allowing you to confidently make business decisions

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Data Integrity

VROC automatically verifies your data quality, alerting you if there is a problem.

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