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We understand that not all businesses are at the same stage in their digital transformation. We are here to help you integrate your systems and connect to your data, so you can boost your operational efficiency.

EPIC Services

Engineered IIoT services

Need help executing your digital transformation objectives? VROC provides our customers with a complete service to enable interconnected sensors, instruments, and other devices to be networked together to stream real-time data for a variety of applications. Our team has a background in instrument, controls and electrical engineering across most industrial hardware and software platforms and vendors, allowing us to analyse your requirements, engineer a solution, procure the necessary hardware and software for installation and commissioning at your site.

Data can be streamed and stored for access by historians and data lakes like VROC’s DataHUB4.0, allowing remote operations using OASIS and insights to predict and optimise the system using OPUS, VROC’s Auto AI Platform.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the IIoT revolution and engineer fit-for-purpose solutions to meet your future data and advanced analytics requirements, even if you aren’t ready just yet!

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Why our customers choose VROC

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We have been providing EPIC services since 1999

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We are highly experienced in integrating with existing systems and legacy software

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Equipment & Provider Agnostic

We are sensor, equipment and vendor agnostic so you get the best outcome

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We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of big data innovation and artificial intelligence.


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