“At VROC, we believe that the only way companies can become truly efficient is by seeing their organisation as a whole, looking at their assets holistically, and by breaking down information silos. With the advancement of automation and big data processing, it is no longer acceptable for companies to be spending a significant amount of money in time and resources to implement industrial AI at scale.”
- Trevor Bloch, VROC CEO


We exist because...

We are the AIoT Company for Smart Asset Management.  We are on a mission to be the trusted AIoT partner for asset owners and operators who need to do more with less.

We give companies visibility and control of their assets, using AI to uncover valuable data insights for effective decision making.  We are committed to tackling the most formidable AI adoption challenges around asset reliability and optimization, such as:

Real-time integration with operational technologies for enterprise scale analytics;

Rapid model deployment at scale;

• Sustainability and maintenance;

• Whole of life cost effectiveness.


Core Values

Values that define us

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Our customer’s success is our success

Our end-users are at the heart of our culture. We design solutions to empower our customers to achieve their goals in the most pragmatic and effective way.

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We maintain a healthy disregard for the impossible

We say ‘thank you’ to the cynics, and ‘hello’ to the league of change makers who dare to challenge the status quo.

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We act with urgency

We believe that progressive improvement is better than delayed perfection.

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We simplify the complex

At the face of every complex solution is a simple user experience.

Our Team

Our journey has shaped who we are

We are a tight knit group of technologists, engineers, data scientists, developers, creatives and entrepreneurs.

As a collective, we have a healthy disregard for the impossible, embracing challenges comes second nature to us.

We believe in commitment over complacency. And most importantly, we put our customers first, knowing that our customers’ success is our success.

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