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The integration of operational data and the application of no-code AI can help oil and gas operators reduce costs and navigate a complex energy market.
Insights and benefits include;
- Reduction of maintenance costs
- Increased asset reliability
- ESG monitoring and reporting
- Reduction of personnel on board
- Optimization of processes
- Reduction in power consumption and emissions

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AI can help utility operators and energy generators optimize a complex grid and reduce costs.
Insights and benefits include
- Carbon reduction and ESG
- Predictive maintenance
- Forecast energy production
- Real time grid monitoring
- Increased asset reliability
- Reduced downtime

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Mining operators can greatly benefit from AI predictions and insights,
- Increased uptime
- Improved asset performance
- Predictive maintenance insights
- Reduced operational costs
- ESG monitoring and reporting

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Water utility operators can optimize their infrastructure and facilities with AI predictive insights for
- Increased asset reliability
- Optimized power consumption
- Optimized chemical usage
- Predictive maintenance

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The agriculture industry now has access to vast amounts of useful data, with this data and artificial intelligence the industry can obtain critical precision farming insights for
- Increase yields
- Reduce operating costs
- Predictive maintenance
- Improved sustainability

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Big data and AI can provide insights for smart aquaculture, helping this industry grow and become a major contributor to food security into the future.
Insights and benefits may include:
- Reduced fish mortality
- Early detection and prediction of sea lice
- Improved fish welfare
- Predictive maintenance for critical equipment

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Port and Fleet operators can greatly benefit from data insights and AI predictions
- Optimize logistics and shipping
- Improve asset reliability
- Improve maintenance planning
- Reduce operating costs

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Cities and councils manage a diverse range of assets, equipment and facilities, connecting all of these into one platform for smart remote operations can have a significant benefit, including
- Reduced energy consumption
- Optimized asset management
- Automated processes
- Improved and reliable services
- Predictive maintenance
- Reduce operating costs

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Large facilities, airports, office parks, hospitals and campuses can benefit significantly from the integration of their systems and data. Critical insights can improve
- Reduction in energy usage
- Predictive maintenance
- Increased asset reliability and uptime
- Optimized facility and asset management
- Reduced OPEX

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Wind energy operators and energy producers can obtain critical insights using their available operational data and no-code AI for
- Predictive maintenance
- Performance optimization
- Increased asset reliability
- Asset life extension
- ESG monitoring and reporting
- Integration into the grid

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Customer benefits

Our client's success is our success

“It took our Focus group 2 weeks to come up with the problem with the gas compressor and form an action plan. When we met with VROC, the VROC model gave all the problems that we needed to focus on in less than 10minutes. This helped the engineers pinpoint the problem.”

Manager Head Strategy & Performance Health Safety & Environment, Gas and New Energy

“The awarding of this contract to VROC will allow the City of Bunbury to have unprecedented control over its decorative lighting…This adds to the previous project allowing the City to control a number of different elements from the one control platform and will help light up our beautiful landmarks around the CBD.”

City of Bunbury Mayor

“Let everyone use, don’t restrict to any process engineer or operation engineer, give everybody access including business planners, let everyone use it. Because the beauty of this is that it will open the eyes of the importance of Artificial Intelligence in Oil and Gas.”

Manager Head Strategy & Performance Health Safety & Environment, Gas and New Energy

“We have prolonged the gas compressor reliability to four months, from a maximum of 2 weeks running. The GCM uptime has improved to a value of 21.7m USD.”

Head of Offshore Operations
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