Unprecedented control

“The awarding of this contract to VROC will allow the City of Bunbury to have unprecedented control over its decorative lighting... This adds to the previous project allowing the City to control a number of different elements from the one control platform, and will help light up our beautiful landmarks around the CBD.”

- Gary Brennan, City of Bunbury Major,

Benefits at a Glance

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Lights are integrated with city events, making campaigns more cohesive

Improve planning with Auto AI

Scheduling and automation of lighting sequences throughout the year

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Live condition monitoring and alerts for improved efficiencies

The Objective

The City of Bunbury decorative lighting project initiative was to create lighting installations at eight key locations across its CBD to enhance its welcoming and vibrant atmosphere. The project was used to illuminate the city for common causes, events and public awareness campaigns.

As part of the city’s commitment to continuous digital transformation this project was another opportunity to deploy innovative technology that would also improve efficiency and sustainability.

The Solution

The City of Bunbury already had the OASIS platform running for the remote control of its storm water pump stations. The city decided to add to the platform the eight new decorative lighting installations, so that it’s team could also remotely monitor, schedule, and control these new systems.

VROC was also engaged to assist the city in the procurement, installation, and commissioning of the lighting systems as part of our DataEPIC service.

The Results

The project was well received by the City of Bunbury’s community, and the lights are in use throughout the year, with customised lighting sequences scheduled by the events and media team. The lights have enhanced city living, building on its already creative culture.

The cities operational and maintenance resources have also benefited as the systems are interconnected on a single cloud-based platform for operational control, live condition monitoring and alerts for operational efficiencies.

The city recently won second place in a recent Australian public awareness lighting competition.

The city is looking to retrospectively connect other infrastructure into the platform, and incorporate future initiatives to optimise City services and resources.

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