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“Operations optimization is estimated to provide the most economic value out of all IoT use cases by 2030”


Business Transformation

Transform operations with big data and AI

Resolving complex operational challenges may be the key to untapping significant savings and value for many industrial businesses. Today we can learn from the vast amounts of big data being produced and the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to rapidly transform businesses to be leaner and more productive.

Whatever the objective, be it increased yield, reduced consumption or improvements to product quality or equipment utilization, if high quality data is available, AI can be used to uncover unexpected correlations and contributing factors to help businesses optimize today, for a better tomorrow.

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Product Features

Why our customers choose VROC

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Proven Technology

OPUS is a proven technology, producing optimization insights for our customers

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Realised Savings

The VROC platform has generated over US200 Million in savings to date for our customers

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Sensor and equipment agnostic for ease of adoption across business units and sites

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No-code modelling

No programming or coding experience necessary

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Insights for operational KPI's

Solve complex problems with no-code AI

Without any programming or coding experience, subject matter experts can model their operational processes and systems and uncover insights for optimization, including

  • Asset life extension and planning for shutdowns and decommissioning
  • Increased productivity or equipment output
  • Cost reduction – including operational, material or power consumption costs
  • Improved safety, quality and environmental outcomes, such as reduced flaring or waste contamination
  • Energy management and forecasting to reduce waste and consumption
  • Optimizing manpower (POB) for O&M

Our real-time insights allow teams to make faster more accurate business decisions, rather than make theoretical recommendations based on out-dated historical data analysis.

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Customer Benefits

Our client's success is our success

“We have prolonged the gas compressor reliability to four months, from a maximum of 2 weeks running. The GCM uptime has improved to a value of 21.7m USD.”

Head of Offshore Operations

“Let everyone use, don’t restrict to any process engineer or operation engineer, give everybody access including business planners, let everyone use it. Because the beauty of this is that it will open the eyes of the importance of Artificial Intelligence in Oil and Gas.”

Manager Head Strategy & Performance Health Safety & Environment, Gas and New Energy

“It took our Focus group 2 weeks to come up with the problem with the gas compressor and form an action plan. When we met with VROC, the VROC model gave all the problems that we needed to focus on in less than 10minutes. This helped the engineers pinpoint the problem.”

Manager Head Strategy & Performance Health Safety & Environment, Gas and New Energy

“Trying to scale machine learning models across thousands and thousands of failure modes on a plant, is probably not practical in the traditional approach to data science, where you can spend three to six months building a model, training it testing and operationalising it, maybe longer.”

Global Vice President, Data Science Customer Solutions, Worley.
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