As many industrial businesses are learning to manage with reduced man-power on-site to run their facilities, it is good to know that there are technologies that can help increase safety and operational efficiencies.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted industrial businesses, with the majority having to learn to operate their facilities with reduced personnel. Many of VROC’s own clients have had to adapt to allow for single person occupancy in rooms, meaning that some sites are down to 50% personnel.

We chatted with VROC’s CEO and founder, Trevor Bloch about how technology can help these businesses remain operational and viable. VROC’s AI Industrial Analytics platform allows its clients to remotely monitor their assets, and prioritise essential jobs. The platform tells end users the health of all assets, and by predicting faults before they happen, allows these businesses to focus their workforce on essential tasks. This allows them to continue to run their operations safely and effectively.

The ability to ensure reliability of equipment through predictive maintenance, greatly increases operational efficiency – even with continued man-power reduction. In addition to this, it increases the safety of all on-site personnel, as the risk to personnel when equipment fails on site is heightened. By ensuring maintenance is conducted ahead of failure allows for a safer work space, and also assists with the reduction of person to person contact.

See more in our case study Reducing POB with real-time remote monitoring.

Looking to increase your work-force efficiency? Give them the tools they need to be more effective, and increase safety at the same time. Contact our team for a demo today.

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