A Step Change with AI Predictive Maintenance

We are not talking about incremental changes here, we’re talking about a step change in the way that people do things and a step change in the operational effectiveness of these facilities.

- Trevor Bloch, VROC Group CEO

Webinar Overview

In this webinar, VROC’s Global CEO and Founder, Trevor Bloch, explores how AI Predictive Analytics can be applied to critical industrial infrastructure, to assist with reduced personal and remote operations, PLUS it provides an opportunity for significant maintenance savings which are critical to every business in the current economic climate. The webinar also includes an ‘under the hood’ look at the VROC platform.

Topic Covered:

  • The reasons why AI predictive maintenance is important at the current point in time
  • Discover the solutions delivered and use cases using the VROC platform
  • Explore how the Model Wizard functions with an under the hood look at the VROC platform

Who should Watch:

  • Maintenance Manager / Engineer
  • Reliability Manager / Engineeer
  • Shutdown Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Asset Manager
  • Production Engineer
  • Plant Manager
  • Site Coordinator
  • Manager and Director

Meet The Panellists

CEO and Founder, VROC


Trevor Bloch is able to combine his extensive experience working in traditional consulting engineering and tech start-ups to provide the company with the vision it needs to succeed in this new field of industrial information technology. Skilled in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Big Data, Distributed Processing, Industrial Process Control, and Control Systems Engineering. A determined leader, Trevor is always looking for ways in which VROC can push the envelope and deliver their clients results that far exceed their expectations.

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