NOW is Always the
Best Time to go Digital

'Now is the time to go to digital because you need to be able to predict when your key equipment will go down and why it will go down, so you can predict it and plan for the future.'

Juarez Lowe


Webinar Overview

Juarez Lowe, addresses how to embark on your digital transformation journey and helps explain key misconceptions. This webinar will help you focus your efforts and achieve maximum ROI.

Topic Covered:

  • Discover why organizations should be going digital now and how to do it
  • Identify the operational problems which Artificial Intelligence can be applied to
  • Understand the data that AI requires before you embark on the digital journey
  • How to quantify the problem statement
  • Starting a proof of concept or pilot project

Who should Watch:

  • Maintenance Manager or Engineer
  • Reliability Manager or Engineer
  • Shutdown Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Asset Manager
  • Pre-Operations Managers
  • Late Life Asset Managers
  • Production Engineer
  • Plant Manager
  • Site Coordinator
  • Manager and Director

Meet The Panellists

Chief Executive Officer, VROC South East Asia


Juarez has over 20 years of experience in law, sales and marketing and developing businesses. He has been involved in consumer analytics working with companies such as Mitsubishi, Mercedes Benz, Johnson & Johnson and BMW as well as luxury watch brands. With the power of AI analytics, he is able to transfer that knowledge to machine analytics. Under his leadership, VROC South East Asia is currently working with an established oil and gas multinational to use big data for a truly predictive maintenance solution. He and his team have also expanded to Asia, Europe and the Middle East and are responsible for the growth of predictive maintenance solution versus a condition based/parameter monitoring system.

Chief Operating Officer, VROC South East Asia


With over 20 years of high technology transfer experience across APAC from design to full implementation, Aik is well versed with all aspects of ensuring a successful deployment. One of his key strengths is the ability to work cross culture and the ability to understand and adapt to the needs of the clients. His working experience encompasses various geographical locations from Malaysia to Costa Rica, from USA to China.

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