Asset maintenance is more important than ever

'As digital transformation is picking up pace, the impact on oil and gas and the benefit it offers is tremendous. The first use case any oil and gas companies nowadays are looking at is how they can optimize spend on maintaining assets, any dollar reduced in maintaining the assets directly impacts the profitability of oil and gas companies.'

- Syed Jamal Shaharyar, WIPRO

Webinar Overview

This two part series, hosted by Wipro will lift-the-lid on AI Predictive Maintenance, how it is transforming industrial operations, reliability and maintenance.

Part One. The business case for adopting AI driven predictive maintenance.

In this first event we’ll introduce AI Predictive Maintenance, showcasing VROC’s Predictive Analytics solution. A self-service AI and auto-machine learning platform which monitors the live condition of your plant and predicts equipment failure in advance. Discover how you can optimise your existing operations and implement predictive maintenance (PdM) without a huge investment in hardware and with your existing personnel.

Hear from VROC’s CEO and Founder, Trevor Bloch and WIPRO’s Practice Partner, Digital & Domain for Energy in the Middle East, Syed Jamal Shaharyar.

Link to watch part two

Topic Covered:

  • Learn about Wipro’s experience in deploying predictive maintenance in industrial environments
  • Learn the difference between AI Predictive Maintenance and manual non-automated methods
  • Discover the benefits that can be achieved in only four weeks and what ROI to expect
  • Discover how to implement AI Predictive Analytics without installing sensors
  • Learn how Predictive Maintenance can be applied to new and legacy plants
  • Discover how one platform saved $21.7M USD in only 4 months and the reliability of one piece of critical equipment was transformed after years of reoccurring problems
  • Learn how this technology can assist with COVID-19 remote working and travel restrictions
  • Discover how AI and Auto Machine Learning can drastically improve your plants safety, sustainability, and productivity.

Who Should Watch:

  • Maintenance Manager / Engineer
  • Reliability Manager / Engineer
  • Shutdown Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Asset Manager
  • Pre-Operations Managers
  • Late Life Asset Managers
  • Production Engineer
  • Plant Manager
  • Site Coordinator
  • Manager and Director level of each

Meet The Panellists

Practice Partner, Digital & Domain - Energy, Middle East, Wipro


Syed has 23 years of experience in the IT consulting and business development across US, Europe and Middle East . He is responsible as a Domain & Digital Lead for Energy Vertical for Middle East based in Dubai. Syed has led Offshoring and Outsourcing initiatives across Europe in the Energy & manufacturing domain across IT and Engineering Services. He has performed Performance Improvement projects, IT Strategy and IT Management across for multiple customers. Syed has also managed delivery teams engaged with customers in application development, ERP implementation as well as Application Support.

CEO and Founder, VROC


Trevor Bloch is able to combine his extensive experience working in traditional consulting engineering and tech start-ups to provide the company with the vision it needs to succeed in this new field of industrial information technology. Skilled in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Big Data, Distributed Processing, Industrial Process Control, and Control Systems Engineering. A determined leader, Trevor is always looking for ways in which VROC can push the envelope and deliver their clients results that far exceed their expectations.

Head Offshore Operations, PETRONAS


Razik has successfully led a team of Operation Engineers to change normal way working by implementing big data analytics in one of PETRONAS Carigali offshore platforms. He has been sharing on the journey and benefits of the application with various establishments, which includes other companies and internal PETRONAS. The biggest satisfaction achievement is to prolong the reliability of one of the offshore plafform's gas compressor from maximum running withouts trips of 2 weeks to 4 months without trips. He believes that the technology can help all operators predict the exact cause of equipment failure and better, faster and precise intervention from the frontliners. He is currently leading Turkmenistan Offshore Operations which has a very limited communication infra and is planning on how to implement the same technology here.

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