VROC are pleased to have completed a major upgrade to the City of Bunbury’s emergency pump stations and floodgates, the city’s first step towards becoming a connected ‘Smart City’.

The VROC artificial intelligence platform connects with newly installed IoT (Internet of Things) sensors at 11 different pump stations throughout the Bunbury township, allowing the City of Bunbury to remotely manage operations. Council workers are provided with failure and error predictions, through innovative predictive analytics and machine learning technology. This ensures the systems remain fully operational and maintenance can be scheduled in advance of any faults or failures occurring.

City of Bunbury Chief Executive Officer, Mal Osborne said “The City of Bunbury is proud to be leading the way, both in WA and across the country, in its efforts to implement smart and innovative technology to make the City safer, more efficient and more sustainable.” Mr Osborne also commented that “These upgrades are an exciting milestone in the City’s aspirations to be a smart and innovative city.”

The Bunbury township suffered a major flooding event in 1964.

VROC CEO, Trevor Bloch, said, “We’re excited to be working with an innovative council like Bunbury, that believes in the power of our platform to create real benefits for their citizen safety, their sustainability and their bottom line.”

With the upgrades completed in January 2020 this year, the City of Bunbury has taken a first major step towards becoming a connected ‘Smart City’.

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