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LOPC (Loss of primary containment) or gas leaks can be caused by high Co2 content on hydrocarbon. It is essential to keep moisture levels to a minimum to avoid Co2 corrosions, which can cause leaks and safety issues on oil and gas platforms. Our client discovered a moisture reading of 243ppmv which was increasing. If high moisture readings occur for three days straight, the COP requires that the platform is shutdown.


Rather than approach the issue with conventional methods, which typically involve forming a team who focus on solving the problem over a number of weeks. Our client decided to use VROC's platform to run an AI model on the particular problem.


The VROC model analysed the platforms live data informing our client that a Gas Well was the leading indicator causing the moisture problem. Despite the well and the moisture analyser being very separate processes and not inter-related, the team followed the advice of the AI model and shut-in the well. The moisture reading came down rapidly from 243ppmv to 144ppmv in minutes.

Our client was able to quickly find the root cause of this critical issue and avoid a significant safety incident. The value from this leakage avoidance has been confirmed by the client as close to one million USD.

Watch the video below, where the client discuss this case study:

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