The Problem

Pumping of various liquids and slurries is an essential requirement for mining operations and processing.  Due to the often coarse nature of the material being pumped, pumps and associated equipment experience significant wear and are prone to unexpected failures. Failure of this equipment results in downtime and loss of production.


THE Solution

The engineer is able to use VROCs standard model wizard to generate a model that will identify degradation on the performance of the pump. The engineer clicks through the model wizard to produce a model to identify when the pump is degrading or not operating correctly.

Once the engineer completes the model wizard, the VROC AI automatically uses data from the pump and associated equipment to build numerous models of how the pump performs under all operating conditions.

Within an hour the model is running in production providing realtime insights of the health of the pump to the engineer.

water supply pump

The Outcome

The operations team were able to identify the root cause of the upcoming failure, plan an appropriate maintenance activity, and perform the repairs as a planned activity at a time convenient to operations and maintenance personnel.

  • VROC notified operations personnel of the issue 7 days before the pump was repaired

  • No downtime was experienced

  • Repairs conducted as a planned activity with both Operations and Maintenance teams aware of the requirements

  • An alternative pump was able to be switched on as a planned activity before the faulty pump was taken out of service

  • The root cause of the issue was correctly predicted prior to the shutdown and confirmed during the repairs

  • After the pump was put back into service, the repairs were confirmed to have been successful

  • Estimated savings of $150,000 to $250,000 for this incident