World Leaders In Predictive Analytics

VROC is a global company founded and headquartered in Western Australia since 2015.  We are an Artificial Intelligence and Asset Reliability company specialising in making productive use of Industrial Big Data.

We use Predictive Analytics to enable our customers to leverage the power of big data to monitor the health of their assets and identify impending equipment failures and process degradation.

In short, we can quickly and accurately predict when, where and why machinery breakdown is likely to occur before it happens.

Our mission is to equip mining & industrial companies with the world’s foremost artificial intelligence technology 
So that they can minimise costly downtime and maximise profitability.

Every business knows unexpected equipment failure and process degradation cost time and money from productivity loss, reputational damage and human injury.
Our predictive maintenance technology can allow you to stop these problems before they occur. This allows you to avoid injuries and transform unplanned shutdowns into planned maintenance events.
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